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Welcome to Please make yourself at home ...

I am still moving in and getting stuff out of boxes so please excuse the mess and the lack of, well all sorts of things. If you do trip over something please contact me.


You can find out some of the things we do outside of the office. Read the stories from the last 4 years of our life in the Adventures of the Green Turtle or look at some of our photos.


For my thoughts on the IT industry you can read my blog, Down the Rabbit Hole, or if you prefer read some articles I have written.


Down the Rabbit Hole

  • My Manifesto Back in 2001, having spent a couple of months working in a
    government organization I put my observations and experiences
    together and came up with this manifesto.

  • What Makes Your Job Fun A typology of experiences to make your job pleasurable.
  • Articles

  • Getting Started with C# and the Compact Framework This is a copy of my article printed on BDN about C# support for the Compact Framework.

  • Namespaces in Delphi 2005 This is a slightly updated version of my BDN on the changes in the way namespaces work for Delphi 2005.
  • The Adventures of the Green Turtle

  • From zero to baby in 90 minutes or less Tuesday the 16th was a very exciting day at our house,
  • The Green Turtle takes a break, and so do I Things have been pretty quiet for the Turtle this past year. We’ve been out of the US almost as much as we’ve been home, and with the way gas has been this past year, the Turtle hasn’t wanted to go out much.
  • 10 Things you don't know about me It's being going around the internet, and now it's come here.
  • Going Faster and Faster This has been one of those newsletters that seemed like it would never get written. Time has mostly disappeared from my life, with my job turning into a turmoil and this being 'the year of everything breaking'. Right now our basement turns into a river whenever Agilene washes the clothes.
  • And In More Recent News OK, well not so recent then; in fact I have already had a few enquiries as to whether we have ‘disappeared’ since it has now been a year since I wrote something.
  • Photos

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