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I am currently on contract in Columbus, Ohio where I spend my time anywhere between mentoring and hacking code. I will try and record my musings in my blog You can also read some of my articles or look at the files I have available for download.

Down the Rabbit Hole

  • My Manifesto Back in 2001, having spent a couple of months working in a
    government organization I put my observations and experiences
    together and came up with this manifesto.

  • What Makes Your Job Fun A typology of experiences to make your job pleasurable.
  • Articles

  • Getting Started with C# and the Compact Framework This is a copy of my article printed on BDN about C# support for the Compact Framework.

  • Namespaces in Delphi 2005 This is a slightly updated version of my BDN on the changes in the way namespaces work for Delphi 2005.
  • Files

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