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10 Things you don't know about me


Since it's going around the internet right now, here are 10 Random things you don’t know about me

  1. When I was at university I volunteered at summer camps teaching children how to use and program computers. I have three kids, and each one was born on a different continent. I told Agilene that, if she gets pregnant again, we would have to move somewhere else. So far it is working.
  2. When I was volunteering at Life-Sowing Ministries, a mission based in southern Zimbabwe, I must have dismantled and repaired about 30 old, old-fashioned typewriters that they used for teaching secretarial skills. I also got chased by a hippo but that is another story.
  3. While I was there I had the shortest mailing address I have ever had: ‘X7 CZ’
  4. I am learning to play the guitar. I should correct that since neither learning, nor play applies to what I do. Whereas most of the people I know who play have talent, I do not and have to use the brute force approach.
  5. I speak three languages: English, my home language, Afrikaans and Portuguese. I used to speak Afrikaans better, but it is amazing how learning another language confuses the brain.
  6. When I met Agilene, I couldn’t speak Portuguese and the only word of English that she knew was ‘help’. She still never lets me forget that I told my friends that ‘I don’t speak Portuguese and she doesn’t speak English but we communicate well’.
  7. I helped rewire the emergency lighting on the Doulos while it was docked in Cape-Town. I lost track of how many miles we pulled between mounting a light in the chimney and the one at the end of the propeller tube.
  8. The first time I kissed Agilene was at our wedding, something that frustrated her no end. She was also the first girl I kissed.
  9. My dream is to write a book one day – I’m still looking for inspiration as to what I should write about though. Maybe one day I’ll have enough interesting stories to fill a book.
  10. I have forgotten more computer languages than I care to remember (about one for every year I have lived), not to mention all those web technologies that have a ‘J’ in them.
  11. I never learnt to count past 11.
  12. I hate using smilies they just spoil the whole point of humor being subtle :)

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